It is Love After All!

I do get asked quite frequently what my stance on marriage equality is. Am I all for it or do I believe that marriage should only be between a man and a woman?

I think if two people love each other and they wish to make a commitment to one another then does it really matter if they are both the same gender?

No, it doesn’t.

We need to start focusing on the inside and not the outside. If there is love in your heart and you are willing to love and be strong together as a couple then I think you should have the choice to be able to marry.

It is a right that is sadly not being afforded to everyone in our society.

It’s quite a personal issue to me and not just because I am in the wedding industry. Even if I was not a marriage celebrant I would be pushing for marriage equality to happen. Marriage is about creating your own family unit (with or without children) both in your hearts and legally and starting down a path together that establishes your story.

I am very proud to wear my Australian Marriage Equality ring and to show my support for ALL of society having their opportunity to marry.

marriage equality ring

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