Ben + Georgie - DIY Heaven @ Kingston Golf Club

Ben + Georgie - DIY Heaven @ Kingston Golf Club

Not only is Georgie a graphic designer (who designed their invitations and the archway behind them) she is also handy with a needle and thread and made her own incredible dress! They had an amazing afternoon in the sunshine before retreating inside for the reception and then witnessing a huge thunderstorm out the windows! Certainly a memorable start to their married life :)

Yan + Tao - Casual Ceremony @ Home

Yan + Tao - Casual Ceremony @ Home

My first ceremony where I worked in conjunction with an interpreter. Yan + Tao's good friend, Felix, agreed to interpret my ceremony into Mandarin so that Yan could understand all the important parts of the ceremony in her native language. It did make for some giggles when some of the wording I had written didn't have a direct translation into Mandarin and came out sounding very funny!

James + Bianca - Lofty Love @ Woodbridge Hill Hideaway

James + Bianca - Lofty Love @ Woodbridge Hill Hideaway

High up on the hill overlooking Woodbridge these two exchanged vows in chilly weather but the love radiating out of them kept everyone warm. You just never know what spring and summer weather can throw at you in Tasmania! Beautifully written personal vows that elicited a few tears and a gathering of friends and family who are such a great support system for them capped off the day. Such a cute couple!

Ashlee + Cam - Loved Up At MONA

Ashlee + Cam - Loved Up At MONA

I had the pleasure of helping Ashlee + Cam celebrate their relationship in front of friends and family at The Chapel sculpture by Belgian artist Wim Delvoye in the grounds of MONA. Their ceremony involved a fun reading of Dr Seuss’ “Oh the places you’ll go” by close friends Dave and Shane.

Chelsea + Nick - Love in the Gardens

Chelsea + Nick - Love in the Gardens

Nick + Chelsea didn’t have a bridal party – they had a posse! Very cool way to refer to their friends that were there to support them as they made their vows to one another in the Conservatory at the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens.

Rachel + Masato - Registry-style in My Office

Rachel + Masato - Registry-style in My Office

With wooden rings Masato had crafted himself, he and Rachel exchanged vows in my office and become husband and wife! Such a sweet little ceremony

Brenton + Anne - Heartfelt, Intimate Ceremony @ Woodbridge

Brenton + Anne - Heartfelt, Intimate Ceremony @ Woodbridge

Phillipa + Paul – Romance by the River

Phillipa + Paul – Romance by the River

A private home in Battery Point set the scene for Phillipa + Paul’s ceremony. With threatening clouds thankfully being blown away overhead they had a gorgeous day to celebrate their marriage with friends and family.

Kris + Sonia - A 25 Year Love Affair

Kris + Sonia - A 25 Year Love Affair

There were so many tears of joy at this wedding from everyone there – myself and the photographer included as Sonia walked down the aisle towards Kris, their son supporting her on one side and Kris’s stepdad helping on the other. After 25 years together, and two beautiful children, this couple finally got to say their I do’s! I felt so privileged to be a part of their day and they are an inspiration to all as they continue to support each other through the rough times.

Jason + Melita - A Surprise Wedding (for the guests!)

Jason + Melita - A Surprise Wedding (for the guests!)

Melita always said, “If I’m not married by the time I’m 40 – I’ll just marry myself!” and this set the scene for a fake wedding set up at her 40th birthday celebrations. She walked the aisle sprinkled with 40s all over her outfit and everyone looked on amused. Then the big reveal as she headed off to change into a different outfit because after many years together, she and Jason were really tying the knot! Loved her colourful, non-traditional dress!

Gabriele + Neil

Gabriele + Neil

With a glass of bubbles in hand, views of North West Bay from one side and the bush from the other, these two had a relaxed, laidback ceremony at a friends place.

Theresa + Nick – A Spiritual Connection @ Cygnet

Theresa + Nick – A Spiritual Connection @ Cygnet

I’ve always felt a little something different in the air with small, intimate weddings but Theresa + Nick took it to a whole other level! Getting married on their property, in the teepee they built for meditation, it was a special day with a small gathering of family and friends, people sharing kind thoughts and wishes for the couple, and a sing-a-long during the ceremony.

Ryan + Shelley - A Spring Celebration in the Botanic Gardens

Ryan + Shelley - A Spring Celebration in the Botanic Gardens

Some people don't like to work on their birthday, but I say bring it on! What could be a present than getting to share a couple's special day as they become husband and wife? Their son was the best ring bearer I've had so far and looked super cool in his hat and vest.

gold sequin dress dark navy suit IXL atrium henry jones art hotel

Benton + Ruth - A Winter Wedding @ The Atrium

"Benton and Ruth, you're married!" and so began the party for these two. The simplest pronunciation of husband and wife that I've ever done (picked by Ruth) and everyone loved it. The ceremony was 100% them (and I have quite a few people come up and tell me so afterwards) and I loved her gold dress that happened to gel nicely with their wedding being my 50th one!

lace dress glasses groom hair down villa howden

Louise + Bryn - A Local Elopement

This couple were after something special but simple and with my help, their photographer Alex Grimshaw and the staff at VIlla Howden - we gave them just that! The weather didn't cooperate the way we were all hoping (it was more of the English weather they had grown up with) but the lounge at Villa Howden was lovely and warm and the ceremony was touching and tear filled.

black chiffon dress purple bouquet charcoal suit purple tie

Adam + Michelle - St David's Park Sweetness

This is my second wedding with a bride in a black dress and she looked beautiful. Who says you have to wear white? The bride also baked a very tasty rum and fruit cake for them to cut and nibble on after the ceremony. The rotunda at St David's Park was the location for these sweet nuptials and the sun filtering through the trees created a special atmosphere for this afternoon wedding in winter.

white jumpsuit beard red lipstick apple trees huon valley

Bec + Adoni - Secret Wedding @ Willie Smith Orchard

And the bride wore a white don't hear that one often! It perfectly suited Bec and their ceremony that was a legal signing of the documents on a quick trip back home to celebrate with two friends that couldn't make the big wedding celebrations in Bali in September. These two let me take 15 minutes out of their champagne time to take some photos in the orchard where we did their wedding ceremony. Such a happy, lively couple and it was an honour to help them get hitched.

strapless dress black suit bride with tattoos diamontes

Sean + Zaly - A Surprise Wedding @ Barilla Bay

This was supposed to be a surprise wedding to the guests that had gathered to attend the bride's 21st birthday celebrations but when I asked for a raise of hands for who didn't already know it was happening...only three people did! The bride tells me a lot of people on her side of the family can't keep a secret ;)

There was a lot of love in that gazebo and I loved getting the chance to work with these two and give them the thoughtful ceremony they deserved.

black lace dress charcoal suit the barn hobart red lipstick

Russell + Olivia - Black & White Affair @ The Barn

This couple have been together for over 8 years and in her words "would have got married years ago if weren't so embarrassed about doing it in front of all our friends and family - we're just not 'flashy' in that way". I was so happy to be able to give them the intimate ceremony they wanted in a state that they have fallen in love with on their many visits. There is even talk of moving to Tasmania one day to make cheese and have lots of babies. You would be most welcome Liv and Russ! :)

They had a few family members present to witness their wedding and in true Olivia and Russell style they made their wedding, not centred on them, but also about the people that have shared in their history. Their vows were sweet, touching and tear provoking. My favourite part was when Olivia said "Rusty, every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favourite"

teal lace dress beard kale bouquet

Millie + Garth - A DIY Wedding @ McDermott's Saddle

Millie and Garth are all about their family, their friends and the community that supports them and their relationship. They have had some challenges and they have come out of it smiling and seeing the bright side to everything.

They asked me to be a hands off celebrant and I was happy to do so. As long as a couple include the legal parts for their wedding, I am happy to accommodate with whatever else they wish.

The ceremony started with two ex-roommates singing a song they written for the occasion. It was so beautiful and it made many people cry. Then Millie and Garth took turns telling their stories. It's the only chance I've had to take photos DURING a wedding I've conducted. I stayed out of the way, letting the moments be about them and their guests.

lace mermaid tail dress grey suit up do veil islington hotel

Phoebe + Ping - Intimate Celebrations @ Islington Hotel

This ceremony started off with the bride walking arm in arm down the aisle with her mother and her father because, as she put it, "they both had a hand in raising me". What a wonderful idea!

A few technical difficulties with an iPhone lead to one of the groomsmen holding said phone in a glass bowl (to amplify the music) to the amusement of the guests assembled.

Another couple who chose Tasmania to wed because of their previous trips to the state. We must be doing something right here!

chiffon dress lace bolero flowers in hair grey suit villa howden

Mat + Leonie - Family Memories @ Villa Howden

These two eloped from Queensland, bringing their two sweet little kids with them. We included the children in the ceremony, stating some promises that they will create "a peaceful and loving family home, to continue to care for them and at all times to have their best interests at heart". It was a lovely ceremony and very heartfelt being able to include the children in their special day.

freycinet bluestone bay 4wd only

Sam + Tamzen - Tying the Knot @ Bluestone Bay

These two wanted intimate and they wanted remote. Bluestone Bay is an amazing location (accessible by a 4WD track only) and every way you turned the views were incredible. We stood out on the rocks here (no sand on this beach) so they could say their vows, the few select guests perched on the rocks also. The sun was shining and the love was flowing. Just a beautiful, wonderful day :)

For more photos from this wedding check out the blog post by the photographer.

Photo by Gemma Clarke

glamour lace dress peppermint bay

Relle + Kyle - Let's Start The Party!

This ceremony could not have been more personal! A 45 minute ceremony with their story from start to finish (with hilarious anecdotes and embarrassing moments galore!) and of course this bit which made everyone laugh "Narelle and Kyle would like to convey that in their eyes, marriage is a union between two people, to the exclusion of all others, regardless of their age, sex or height."
Loved the use of the step ladder for this picture :)

This couple just ooze energy and vibrance and I thoroughly enjoyed giving them the ceremony they wanted, with cheering, applause and of course - that all important marriage certificate at the end of it all!
Photo by Wolfgang Glowacki

sunshine kissing couple freycinet lodge

Jake + Kirby - Love at the Lodge

This ceremony had meticulous planning. We synchronised our watches as a precise number of songs were to be played at a specific time and then the aisle song would play and the ladies would make their appearance. All went swimmingly and the wind that has blustered earlier in the day held off for their wedding on the deck at Freycinet Lodge. A relaxing cocktail reception followed for Kirby + Jake to celebrate being Mr and Mrs Briggs!

lace dress native bouquet vintage car

Alex + Angie - True Love No Matter the Location!

These two are proof positive that having a wet weather back up (and a fantastic one at that) is the best way to go when you have an outdoor wedding ceremony planned! After having a rehearsal at Knocklofty Reserve the Monday before the wedding, by Friday the decision was made to move the ceremony to St Peter’s Hall and the bride set about transferring an old church hall into a charming, rustic, lace and vintage themed oasis. The amazing wooden archway constructed by the groom brought it all together and they were married in style (and stayed dry!). Photo by Jon Jarvela

veil kiss fitzroy gardens

Karl + Emily - Sweethearts at Fitzroy Gardens

The saying “cute as a button” must have been made for these two. With lots of personal touches and DIY features (the bride tells me the house still has glitter floating around in it) it was a great morning at Fitzroy Gardens helping Emily + Karl say their vows. They partied on in the park with a marquee set up with a lolly buffet (yum!) and a dance floor. Great time had by all! Photo by Tony Richardson Photography

lace dress braces suspenders winery

Talia + Justin - Rustic, Vintage Charm @ Pooley Wines

The weather in the week leading up to this wedding was a bit touch and go but on the day the sun shone down with wild abandon and Talia + Justin got to say their vows in front of their family and friends and a 100 year old mulberry tree! With ceremony and atmosphere music provided by the wonderful Alan Gogoll it was a truly magical day capped off with an amazing honeymoon to Malaysia!
Photo by Tristan Stuart Photography

Andrew + Leanne - Conservatory Love

Andrew + Leanne - Conservatory Love

These two were super organised! I first met with them in September 2012, almost 18 months before their wedding. You can tell they have a lot of fun together with the ease in which they gently tease one another. Their lovely cat, Pipa is very important to them and they asked me to include a little something about her in their ceremony. Even though it was very hot in that Conservatory they both kept smiling and enjoyed their ceremony thoroughly.

Photo by Gary Alan Studios

strickland falls blue dress hat

Bruce + Wendy - A Long Waited for Wedding

There is something about an intimate wedding (I’m talking just the bride and groom, the celebrant, a photographer and another witness) that seems to heighten the emotion. They asked for a simple but meaningful ceremony filled with positivity. With nothing but the gentle click of a camera and the rush of the falls nearby, Chelsea, Eric and I were witness to a touching ceremony between Wendy + Bruce that got us all a little emotional. Such a strong, loving couple and we all felt privileged to be able to be there with them as they declared their love and joy for each other. Photo by Chelsea Parsons

Scott + Elle - Emotional @ Avalon Coastal Retreat

Scott + Elle - Emotional @ Avalon Coastal Retreat

There is often a moment on your wedding day when everything hits you at once and settles on your shoulders and you feel like you’re spinning round and round like crazy. It’s frequently the moment when the bride and groom greet each other at the end of the aisle and I always give them the opportunity to have a little moment where they look at each other (some hug, some kiss, some share a nervous giggle) and nod. “Yes, I’m here for you, for us” and then we start the ceremony. These two shared a hug and it was just a lovely little moment for everyone. Congratulations Elle + Scott!

Photo by Jonathan Wherrett

strickland falls jeans wedding elopement

Jeff + Becky - Love at the Falls

I am often asked by couples eloping where is a good, secluded place to get married. Becky said she would only get married if she could do so in her jeans :) They picked Strickland Falls which is a nice little cascade close to Hobart and they exchanged their vows as the water rushed past and the gentle misty rain fell on us. Such a cute couple and I have to say, I love it when the groom cries too :) Photo by Ruth M. Valentine

pink dress flowers in hair

Daniel + Hazel - Family Celebration in Trial Bay

This couple frequently come to Australia to visit his family and on this Christmas trip they decided to make it official. With their adorable daughter Sydney by their side they exchanged vows (inside due to the rain) at his father's house surrounded by close family and friends.

blue bridesmaids bowties updo bouquet

Amanda + Tim - Botanical Gardens Beauty

Amanda and Tim chose the Lily Pond at the Botanical Gardens as the spot to tie the knot. Although the weather had been miserable all week, luckily the rain stayed away for them to exchange vows. A relaxed, cheerful couple they were fun to work with and the wording they chose was heartfelt. A honeymoon in France for Christmas, just a tiny bit jealous! Photo by Jon Jarvela

elopement office registry style

Ka-Lung + Claudia - From Hong Kong with Love

A last minute change of plans for this early December wedding when it was snowing on the top of Mt Wellington. Ka-Lung and Claudia were happy to get hitched in my office before heading off on more sightseeing around the island. Here for just a mere 9 days, they crammed a lot into their short trip, the biggest of course being getting married! Photo by Gemma Clarke Photography

lace dress christmas tree gattonside

Paul + Vanessa - A Hobart Elopement

The weather did not cooperate at all for this lovely couple and we made the decision the day beforehand to change from St Davids Park to a room at Gattonside (where they were staying) which in the end was just perfect. They wanted it to be just the two of them and both teared up as the ceremony progressed. A touching, private wedding that turned out perfect.

peppermint bay

Nicole + Alex - Peppermint Bay Nuptials

I’m often asked to help a couple create a short ceremony “make it quick/we don’t want everyone staring at us/we are shy/crowds make us uncomfortable” and I’m happy to comply with what the couple wants. It is after all, their day! Nicole + Alex wanted something that covered all the bases: the necessary legal parts and letting each other know how much they cared for each other...all within a five minute time frame! We dazzled the crowd and before everyone knew it, time for bubbles and nibbles :)
Photo by Karen Brown Photography

lily bouquet newland reception centre

Amy + Brett - Gorgeous DIY Affair

This couple had some great DIY features of their wedding (including a fabulous cake made by the groom's mum) and although the cold weather (in November!) made it necessary for the reception venue to light the fires, a great day was had by all.

elopement vows laughter tears

Linda + Ryan - Lots of Love & Laughter

These two wanted to elope to Tassie and bring their two best friends with them! The personal vows they wrote (Ryan's written on the plane on the way down!) were filled with many personal references and they were both in hysterics by the end of it. A very secluded ceremony in a secret spot discovered by the photographer. Photo by Chelsea Parsons

champagne ombre dress newlyweds

Leah + Vijay - Surprise Backyard Nuptials

These two wanted simple and laidback. More about them in this blog post.

bahai centre

Meika + Kyle - Long Distance, True Love

Long distance relationships are not easy and these two held strong for 3 years while Kyle was in the UK and Meika in Tasmania. It was such a touching family-centric ceremony with her son presenting the rings during the ceremony and the mothers of the bride and groom being the witnesses.

bump strapless waterworks reserve

Tayla-Jane + Rheece - College Sweethearts

Just managed to squeeze this wedding in July 2013 before my second son was born (he made his way into the world 16 days after this photo!) and this couple were just so sweet and delightful. They picked some words they wanted spoken directly to their unborn son (who didn’t arrive until October which goes to show the size of the bump can be deceptive!) to include him in their wedding. It was a wonderful day at the Waterworks Reserve as their families help them to celebrate their newlywed status.

double happiness chinese red

Nicole + Anthony - Double Happiness Winter Wedding

Nicole + Anthony had an intimate ceremony at his mum's house (on an unfortunately wet and windy July day) surrounded by a small collection of friends and also her family watching from China on Skype! A big family celebration is to follow in China for those that couldn't make it on the day to Tasmania.

surprise wedding engagement party

Lou + Steve - Engagement Party turned Wedding!

When Lou + Steve came to meet me in February about their surprise wedding I knew it was going to be amazing. The collective cheers and tears in the room when it was announced that it wasn't just an engagement party was so heartwarming. These two were so sweet together and there wasn't a dry eye in the house - especially when they spoke vows to each other's children to promise to love them as well.

stewarts bay lodge bush nature

Fiona + Jarrah - Nature Lovers

These two love to get out amongst the wilderness and so when it came to choosing a reading for their ceremony they steered away from the usual poems on love and marriage and instead I composed a poem for them that represented their love for the Tasmanian wilderness that brought them closer together. Such an energetic yet laid back couple - loved working with these two! Photo by HACK Photography

lace dress fountain kiss

Pia + Matt - Best Friends, Soulmates

I have known Pia for many years having gone to primary school together and when she introduced me to Matt I had one thought “This man is perfect for her. He’s got his head screwed on right and they are so in-sync with one another”. I was privileged to perform their ceremony in the gardens of Bells @ Killcare on the NSW Central Coast. They are no-fuss people and the ceremony was simple and elegant. Photo by ET Bicknell.

lace vintage red feather inn

Sarah + Shane - Romance at Red Feather Inn

Even though it was raining all the way up until the ceremony (and required a location change for the ceremony from outside to inside) these two love birds didn't let it phase them! Photo by fred + hannah

veil baby kiss grey suit

Jacki + Matt – Epic Personalised Wedding

These two had one vision for their wedding – we want it personal and we want to showcase our relationship and give thanks to the people who we hold near and dear. After two Skype meetings and many questions about how they met and how things progressed we put together a ceremony that talked about how they met, how their relationship progressed and how grateful they are for where they are today. Their daughter Addison is the centre of their universe and I love this picture of them showering her with kisses and cuddles at Avalon Coastal Retreat.

princes park

Katie + Adrian - Loved up in Princes Park

After a rather dodgy weather pattern the week leading up to the wedding, everyone was relieved when Katie & Adrian’s wedding day was sunny and clear. There was so much joy and smiling at this wedding that I think everyone probably went home with very sore cheek muscles! It was a very special moment when Katie’s son walked her down the aisle to give her away and I love this picture of the bride and groom and their daughter being completely in their own world together :)

reban beach red dress wedding

Janelle + Richard - Lasting Moments on the Beach

Janelle & Richard met on Maria Island (in the background of the picture) and chose Rheban Beach as the place for their ceremony because it held great significance to them. The day was a bit windy, but the sun shone and it was a great day for them to tie the knot.

beach wedding funky

Juliana + Davide - Brazilian/Italian Festa!

Juliana and Davide had only been in Tasmania a short time traveling and working when they discovered a little one was on the way! Staying near Seven Mile Beach it seemed the perfect place to make their love and commitment official. It was a great day surrounded by the small community of friends and fellow travellers they have met since coming to Australia. Vows said in both Portugese and Italian made you appreciate that even if the you can't understand the words, the intent is still clear in their eyes and gestures. A truly touching ceremony. Photo by Ruth Valentine.

mures restaurant ceremony

Kerrie + Charlie - Wedding + Family Holiday

Kerrie and Charlie came from Sydney with their children to celebrate their marriage at Mures Upper Deck Restaurant. The bride walked the longest aisle I've seen at a wedding, all the way from their accommodation in Salamanca :) A short and sweet ceremony to cement their commitment.

coningham beach wedding barefoot

Claudia + Andreas - Germans on the Beach

You can't get anymore relaxed than a barefoot beach wedding at Coningham! These two from Germany are very laidback and it was a pleasure to be able to marry them and help to create the big surprise when later that day they emailed their families to let them know that they were now married!

botanical gardens marriage certificate signing

Brittany + Adam - An elopement from Sydney

It was a beautiful sunny day in the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens as these two stood under the Anniversary Arch holding hands and declared that they would also be faithful, respect and honour one another and be supportive of one another for life. Their love transcends the continents, Britt originally from the USA and Adam from Northern Ireland.

hand kiss veil blue suit

Gem + Richard - A funky Melbourne wedding

These two are true soulmates. Best friends and in love. Who could ask for more? Their wedding had so many personal touches and when they met at the aisle we took a moment to pause as happy tears sprung forth from both of them. So much love, so much emotion - a truly epic wedding in the Treasury Gardens in Melbourne. Photo by Gemma Clarke Photography

kiss certificate

Cristina + Dario - the Italian Lovers

Cristina & Dario had planned a big trip to Australia and thought that an excellent way to make their trip even more special was to get married whilst in Tasmania!

conservatory veil

Carly + Darren - Romance in the Conservatory

After a four year engagement Carly & Darren finally got hitched in the beautiful surrounds of the Conservatory in the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens. I love watching the groom as he sees his bride for the first time in her wedding attire. The term "love at first sight" is truly something that is coined for such an event. I loved working with these two!

frogmore creek

Peta-Maree + Leo - Newlyweds!

Peta-Maree & Leo were positively glowing with love and happiness as they were surrounded by friends and family at their wedding at Meadowbank Estate Winery, Cambridge, Tasmania on 25th August 2012. Their heart-felt hand binding ritual was much talked about by the guests afterwards.

richmond bridge vow renewal

Gem + Andy - 10 years married!

Celebrating their 10 year wedding anniversary, Gem & Andy renewed their vows by the Coal River at Richmond Bridge, Richmond, Tasmania in 22nd June 2012. Images by Matthew Mead Photography

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What my lovely couples say…

“Was a beautiful day, [just] perfect. Thank you for being our celebrant”

Carly + Darren @ Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens, Hobart, TAS

“Marnie, thanks again. It was a beautiful wedding. We are very happy and it is also thanks to you”

Cristina + Dario@ my office!

“Marnie, it was an absolute honour to have you officiate our wedding. Richard and I wouldn’t have wished for anyone else. I wished you lived in Melbourne! We miss you!”

Gem + Richard @ Treasury Gardens, Melbourne, VIC

“We spoke to ten celebrants and you were the only one that cared about us and our story”

Juliana + Davide @ Seven Mile Beach, TAS

“Thanks again for such a lovely day – we had an absolute blast :)… We couldn’t have been happier with our choice of celebrant, you did a wonderful job!”

Katie + Adrian @ Princes Park, Battery Point, TAS

“Thank you so much for performing our ceremony and sharing in our wedding day. We both really appreciated your professionalism, support and enthusiasm on the day”

Sarah + Shane @ Red Feather Inn, Hadspen, TAS

“Thanks Marnie, it was a fantastic day and made all the more special because you were officiating! Very nice to have my friend do the honors!”

Pia + Matt @ Bells at Killcare, NSW

“We just wanted to thank you for making our wedding day everything we wanted and more. You are a really special lady and we truly appreciate the way you got to know us to make our day so personal and so extra special!”

Lou + Steve @ Queens Head Bar & Cafe, North Hobart, TAS

“Just wanted to say thank you for making our wedding day possible. And a special thanks to your bub, for staying inside just a little longer just for us :P”

Tayla + Rheece @ Waterworks Reserve, TAS

“Thank you so much for everything, you helped make our day really wonderful  :)  And thank you for that gorgeous photo of Ethan… it’s actually my favourite photo!”

Meika + Kyle @ Bahá’í Centre of Learning, Hobart, TAS

 “Thank you very much for doing our wedding, you did a fantastic job!”

Nicole + Alex @ Peppermint Bay Reception Centre, Woodbridge, TAS

“The photos are fantastic – thankyou so much – to you, Ruth and Jess [witnesses].We could not have been happier with how everything went!”

Becky + Jeff @ Strickland Falls, South Hobart, TAS