Question Time

When I am signing the paperwork on the wedding day, which signature do I use?

This question comes up a lot…sometimes even as the bride or groom picks up the pen! (Yes, the groom. Traditions are changing and it’s not always the bride that takes the groom’s last name). I even asked my celebrant this question :)

You sign with the name you have before you are married. So if your name is Jacinta Timonen and you are marrying Derek Bauer, you would sign with Timonen as your last name.


Leah + Vijay – Surprise Backyard Nuptials

Champagne ready and waiting!

A surprise wedding (where the couple surprise their family or friends) is fast becoming one of my favourite types of wedding ceremonies. The no-holds barred looks of surprise and cheers and tears of happiness are something to warm the heart and instantly put a smile on your face.

Leah + Vijay are a very laidback couple and after seven years together they decided to take the step to formalise their relationship. They came to see me in October and wanting to time their ceremony for when a friend was visiting from Melbourne.

They didn’t want a big affair, just something simple at their house with only three guests attending (and one adorable sleeping baby who didn’t make a peep).

When I walked into their West Hobart home, best mate Ben was in the kitchen hurriedly ironing his shirt and in disbelief that they were actually getting married. He’d flown in from Melbourne that morning and they only told him they were getting married half an hour before I arrived. He kept saying “really?” and shaking his head so I pointed to my AFCC name badge and took my marriage register out of my bag to prove that, YES, they were telling the truth and it was all happening today!

The weather in November this year has been very unpredictable and after a week of rain and dreary grey skies it was not expected to change much. Friday the 15th started off much the same way with glooming clouds that were threatening to rain but by the time 4pm rolled around the skies were blue and the sun was shining. They couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day! The ceremony took part under the cherry tree in their backyard with their guests sitting on the wooden benches on the decking.


Their beautiful rings made in part with palladium

They chose simple but meaningful wording and within ten minutes they were husband and wife and my job was done! There was much clapping and cheering coming from the guests and even a request for them to kiss again as there was a claim that they all “missed it” the first time.

A big party to surprise more friends and family was planned for later that evening and a big family do on the Sunday to celebrate. No doubt there was more disbelief that turned to utter delight once everyone was informed that they were now, in fact, married!


Congratulations Leah + Vijay! I wish you many more years of happiness together.

Toasting the newlyweds

Guests Stephanie, Ben and Bobby help to toast Leah + Vijay’s marriage



Welcome to my blog!

Today, I wade slowly into the depths of blogging for work. I blogged personally for years about [what I know now were totally frivolous] things but this blog is aimed to showcase some of the ceremonies I perform, answer a few questions that frequently pop up and hopefully help brides and grooms in planning their wedding. 

Native bouquet @ Princes Park, Battery Point

Conducting wedding ceremonies (and the occasional vow renewal ceremony) is something I greatly enjoy. Who wouldn’t enjoy a job that is a collection of joyous moments? :) I love being able to help craft a ceremony that speaks to the couple and helps to show their friends and family just how special their relationship is. 

So come along for the ride with me as I explain some of the mysteries that surround the process of getting married and share the love-filled moments from some of the couples I’ve married.